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WELCOME to myProSM - My Professional Social Media

The Power of 1 billion Africans in a Connected World dedicated to solving African problems through Social Networking, Community Networking, Medical Networking, Education Networking, Business Networking, Government Networking, Sports Networking and Apps Networking.

myProSM invites you to Register TODAY with just username, password and email and become one of the first 1000 founding members (subject to acceptance). Founding members will be required to give feedback on myProSM user experience and will be given the opportunity to register interest in myProSM bonus share offer before IPO.

myProSM will open for public registration from the 1st of December 2014, but you can register now by this special invitation from myProSM to be a founding member. Africa will never be the same again, myProSM will deliver a powerful platform for value-added social media experience through -

  • Social Network
  • Community Network
  • Medical Network
  • Education Network
  • Business Network
  • Government Network
  • Sports Network
  • Apps Network

Professionally designed for the needs and benefits of AFRICA. .....JOIN today with just name, email and password, it will take you 2 minutes to be part of the HISTORY of -
OneAfrica OneLove OneSocial OneMedia

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